Hello and welcome to m.o.b. I am a part-time knife maker located in Texas. I specialize in fixed blade knives made with the stock removal method. I started making knives in 2004.  I am passionate about building the best edged tools I can and everything I produce is completely handmade by me from my own original designs using only top quality materials. I feel that a knife without a well designed carry system is essentially useless so I strive to tailor the sheath to the knife in a way that allows each knife to fulfill its intended role optimally. My goal is to produce the finest edged tools and sheaths that function as a complete system to serve any need you may require of them. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at.....


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More info about my work:

Blade Steel:

I use a little bit of everything. In carbon steels I use 1075, 1095, 5160, A2, D2 and CPM 3V. For stainless I like CPM 154 and 154CM. For the most part, I use A2, D2 and 3V as my main carbon steels and Stainless only when I have to :) I am always on the lookout for new and better materials so if I find something I like, I try it out. I send A2, D2, 3V and stainless out for professional heat treat and cryogenic tempering. I treat 1095, 5160 and O1 in my shop.

Handle Materials/Construction:

I'll use any handle material you want as long as it's G10 or Micarta :) Seriously, wood and other handle materials are nice but I do not personally like them on my knives. I keep a pretty good variety of micarta and G10 so chances are good that I have something you'll like. Handle scales are attached in one of two ways. One, steel Corby bolts or pins and epoxy. Two, removeable with machine screws that thread into a stainless steel insert that is press fit into the tang of the knife. Both methods are extremely secure and as always only the best materials are used.


As I mention above, I feel a knife is useless without a well designed carry system that fits the role the knife was intended for. I do some leather but most of my sheaths have been a combination of kydex and leather. I like kydex for the main body due to the ability it has to hold the knife securely without any extra straps, snaps or other method of retention. I like to make the belt attachment out of heavy leather. A hard attachment such as a teklok is bulky and does not move with the knife. In a concealment piece this results in a high profile setup that prints easily under a shirt. In a larger knife, a hard attachment with kydex results in a set up that impedes natural movement. A leather loop and strap system solves both of these issues.

Regular Models:

These are the models I have developed to a point where I feel they are exactly what I want them to be. I am constantly working on new designs and will be adding more regular models as I get them sorted out. As part of my design process I regularly have prototypes and one offs that will be posted on my available knives page so check it often. I am also open to design input from you so if you have an idea that fits my style, drop me a line m.o.b.


I guarantee my knives to be free from defects in my work and materials. If your knife should ever fail you in any way, I will repair  or replace it, at my discretion, for as long as long as I am able to make knives  provided that the knife was not used in a manner uncharacteristic of a knife (such as hammering, prying or driving screws). If you need an edged tool to do these things let me know and we will design something to serve your needs. REMEMBER! Knives are sharp. Handle with care and use at your own risk.

Thanks and please come back often.

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